Thursday, 29 November 2007

The Outlaw Josey Wales

Yesterday night I was out at my mums house out in the country, and as per usual there wasnt very much on tv.
However at about ten o clock my step dad changed the channel and a country western film came on. I was curious as to which one it would be because I use to watch them a lot with my grandad. Of course it was Clint Eastwood, but I hadnt seen this particular one, The Outlaw Josey Wales(Clint Eastwood).
Basically the story goes like this (take into account its about the Civil War)........ In the opening scene, the Union (otherwise known as Redlegs) torch down Josey Wales's house, killing his son and his wife. In retaliation Josey joins a group of pro-Confederate Missouri guerillas to try and get revenge on the Union. However all the Confederates get captured by the Union and are savagely gunned down, Except from Josey who trys to save his Confederate partners, however has to flee due to being largely outnumbered.
Throughtout the story he is on the run from the Union and gets joined by various people, an old Indian man and young women, an old lady and granddaughter from Kansas. They get into all kinds of problems with Union members, Mexican bandits, Indian tribes, obviously as the story progresses they get closer to the final battle at the end
.....................However I fell asleep twenty minutes from the end and woke up at the credits..................gutted!!!!! So if you are interested in western films, especially revisionist westerns and Clint Eastwood, you should check this film out.

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