Thursday, 11 October 2007

Music Interest- Favourite Artist

One of the most influential bands to me, has to be Metallica because the powerful riffs by James Hetfield and the motivating solos by Kirk Hammet really inspired me to play the guitar the way i do today.

In my personal opinion, I think that as time has progressed, Metallica have unfortunately gotten worse, The first album "Kill Em All" was released in 1983 by the original Metallica line up, James Hetfield, Dave Mustaine, Lars Ulrich and Cliff Burton. It was a major success and really kickstarted their career. The following two albums "Ride The Lightning" and "Master Of Puppets" were also very succesful and contained probably their most recognised songs.

Unfortunately on September 27 1986 the basist Cliff Burton died whilst on the "Damage Inc" tour. This was a major upset to the band and also all the fans. However very shortly after his death, the band held auditions for the bass position, this was taken up by former basist of Jetstam Jason Newstead.
Also by this point Dave Mustaine had been kicked out the band (planning his comeback band-MEGADETH) and Kirk Hammet had taken the role. The new band line up was impressive, and the album produced in 1988 "....And Justice For All" was a huge commercial succees. The "Black Album" was the next album produced by the new album containing huge single hit Enter Sandman (which in my opinion isn't that good).

The following Albums: "Load", "Reload", "Garage Inc", "S&M" and "St.Anger" were a flop in my opinion, the music had changed and it almost seemed like the band spirit was lost. A slight factor to this happening in my opinion was when the basist Jason Newstead quit the band and Robert Trujillo took over the role, the band style was different and the main thing that got on my nerves, was the for "St.Anger" Kirk Hammet doesn't solo at all, which is what he is renound for.

Overall, I still see them as one of my favourite bands, still enjoy old school thrash metal. Also for about a year I was in a band called "Souls Of The Sinister" with my friends, and Metallic songs were frequently covered by us as we found them overall as a band, very effective to play. We released a demo, with four songs, which was a very enjoyable experience for me and made me want to get more involved in the music industry.

Thats just a bit about my music interests, however i have a wider music taste than just metal......I also enjoy Drum & BASS, which I will post about soon!

Thursday, 4 October 2007


The Beggining
Radio 1 was launched at 7 a.m. in 30th September 1967 as a direct response to the offshore pirate radio stations such as Radio Caroline. This was the beggining of hugely popular British national radio station operated by the BBC, playing some of the best and newest music around and also keeping people up to date with news etc

The Producers
One of the main producers at Radio 1 is Will Kinder, however there are more than one type of producer. For example Andy Parfit who is the radio controller.

The DJ's
On the Radio 1 show, each DJ has a certain set that they get maybe each day, this is a very good idea I think because you can find out when your favourite DJ is playing with your prefered music type. One of the first Radio 1 dj's was Tony Blackburn. My favourite Dj would have to be Fabio and Grooverider from Radio 1xtra, they host the Drum & Bass set on a saturday night from midnight-2 a.m.

In Radio1 they have certain playlist catagories a week that each song comes under.
Play List A is 25 to 35 (tend to be the most popular songs)
Play List B is 10 to 20 (usually average songs that people don't min hearing)
Play List C is around 5 (either new songs just out, or songs that aren't very good)

My favourite reporter on Radio 1 has got to be Andy Brown, he tends to do random interviews about whats happening on the streets etc.