Wednesday, 4 June 2008

The end is near.......

It has been a long year, and to say the least it has been an experience. Only 4 weeks left of the course and its pretty intense at the moment due to realisation of how much work we need to complete in order to pass.

The first half of the year was slow moving as we were covering things like databases and spreadsheets...not for me.

However the second half of the year has actually been quite interesting. This is because we are doing Digital media, covering things such as creating animations and editing photos. At the end of the year we are looking to have created a health & Safety presentation including links to webpages with our digital media elements contained in it. So far i'd say i was on track with things and am hoping to get it completed.

Not too sure what i want to do next year, probably depends on the outcome of this course, i.e if I pass then I might go on to do an HNC in Web development, or i might decide to try and get a full time job in IT somewhere.