Thursday, 20 December 2007

New Cats

For all my life cats have been around me, so I am very fond of them and enjoy having them as pets.

I have two cats at my dads, kelly and frankie, they are about 3 years old now, so I have seen them grow up and change personlities. They are quite funny to have around the house because they are very friendly but they often fight each other which is pretty comedy to watch.

However at my mums house, two days ago my mum got two new kittens, brothers. One of them is very friendly but the younger one is well nervous, was quite funny, I walked into my vestebule to get my shoes and the cat started hissing at me and getting well panicy, but I'm sure he'll return to normal.

I will get some photos and a video up so you can see what they are like.


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