Thursday, 15 November 2007

Hello there Mr Doyle, you must be fairly excited after the release of your first published novel 'A Study In Scarlet', can u tell me a little bit about it?

Well to tell you the truth i'm slightly anxious about the matter, hopefully the novel will be a success. Basically 'A Study In Scarlet' is a detective murder mystery where a corpse is found in Brixton, London with 'RACHE' written on the walls in blood, the detective Sherlock Holmes and his friend Dr John. H Watson try to unveil the mystery of this murder.

Sounds like a very interesting story, have you any background of writing novels?

I have had some experience of writing, yes, I published several short stories in magazines such as London Society, but writing the novel was a slightly new experience to me as it was a lot more time consuming overall.

Obviously you are hoping that the novel will be a big success, but how do you think 'A Study In Scarlet' will compare to other newly released novels?

To be honest I think that the book will be successful if the readers have an interest in the murder mystery stories, but only time will tell and I can only hope for the best.

A very modest response, do you have any plans of writing more novels?

Of course, I have been writing for a long time now and I'm hoping that with time, I'll be able to write some great stories, whether it be a novel or a series of short stories, there will be more to come.

Thats very promising news, thankyou very much for your time and I hope to see more of your books in store soon.

With a bit of luck!

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